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Masao Mori

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Masao Mori is a professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology since 2015. He received PhD of informatics from Graduate School of Information Science and Electric Engineering at Kyushu University in 2011. He has been   the conference chair of International Conference on Data Science and Institutional Research (DSIR) since 2012 until 2016. He is one of founders who established the International Journal of Institutional Research and Management and currently act as the editor-in-chief of it. He was a researcher and a practitioner of institutional research and assessment support at Kyushu University from 2006 to 2015, and now is at Tokyo Institute of Technology as well from 2015. His current research interests include data science and management on higher education and research institute. By an approach of information science and its application to university management, he works for cultivation of practitioners of institutional research, and published books on it. In 2019, he and his IR companions constituted Japan Association for Institutional Research, and become a trustee and the vise-president of the association.

1996年 九州大学総合理工学研究科 博士後期課程単位取得後退学、2011年 同大学システム情報学府より博士(情報科学)を取得。
1996年より九州大学システム情報科学研究院にて助手、2006年より同大学 大学評価情報室にて助教・准教授にて大学評価・IRの研究と業務に従事、2015年より東京工業大学にて情報活用IR室専任教授に着任、現在に至る。大学IRの普及と発展を目的に、大学情報・機関調査研究会(MJIR)および国際会議 International Conference on Data Science and Institutional Research(DSIR)を設立。2019年、日本インスティチューショナル・リサーチ協会を有志と設立し、副会長・理事としてIRの普及活動へ貢献。
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