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Romain David

ERINHA AISBL (European Research Infrastructure on Highly Pathogenic Agents)
Data Manager
My work concerns large-scale observation and experimentation systems of terrestrial and marine (agro)ecosystems and information systems and the dissemination of biodiversity knowledge coupled with them. I am particularly interested in new methods of data mining and data representation in the form of graphs. This formalization of knowledge makes it possible to envisage the use of new methods to analyze heterogeneous data, to propose scientific questions emerging from the data (and not the reverse, which is the classical scientific approach), and to make Scenario proposals dependent on contextual variables that can be used in the area of ​​decision support. I wish to continue to invest in the development of multidisciplinary research programs and partnerships involving scientists and public actors. FAIR data management and open science addict and "Data Management Plan with FAIR Compliance" evangelizer.

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